Maternity Style: Rompin' Around

romper:F21, belt:F21, bracelets:Glitter, necklace/rings:F21, flats:unknown

Please ignore the fact that it was trash pick-up day and apparently Zach thought it'd be humorous to make sure trash cans were in every single shot. I think he's secretly trying to get fired from his photographer duties.

Rompers have been a favorite of mine for the past couple months. They are a pregnant lady's, comfy, and belly-friendly. It's a bit funny to think I'm wearing a big-girl onesie, but also seems slightly appropriate considering my current condition. Embrace all things baby, right? :) Now if only they'd put some snaps in the crotch area to allow easier bathroom trips, I'd have a closet full of these things.

What's your take on rompers? Are you a fan, too?