Turn Any Purse Into a Diaper Bag!

Awhile back, I posted a picture of the Steve Madden "diaper bag" Z and I found at Home Goods. I fell in love with it instantly depsite the fact that it's not officially a diaper bag, but instead a satchel. We figured we could make it work since it's the perfect size for Tiny's things (while still being stylish).

After looking closer at the inside, I began to worry. The cloth material seemed like it would get filthy from bottles, dirty wipes, etc. (gross!) and it was too big of a space to really organize baby necessities.

One day, I was surfing Amazon when I came across this. The perfect solution to our little problem...a diaper bag insert organizer.

Zach ordered it right away and viola! It fits perfectly inside my new "diaper bag" (I can quit using the quotations now, right? Since the bag's been converted and all...).

It's made of durable, waterproof material so it's easy to wipe clean. Thank you, Amazon! You really are like magic.

I'm sorry for all the baby-related posts lately; thank you guys for bearing with me. Little One has definitely taken over our lives and it's apparent through this blog. It makes us happy, though, so there will surely be many more baby posts coming your way :).