Little Man

This morning didn't start off quite like we'd hoped. At 9am, my phone rang and I immediately thought it was my doctor's office calling with the results of the glucose bloodwork I had done last Thursday. It turned out to be my doctor, telling me the glucose screening was just fine but my blood count is pretty low. I felt my heart drop. She went on to say that I'm borderline anemic and is starting me on an iron supplement right away. I asked her what this meant for Baby and she assured me that he is just fine, and I will be too. After doing some reading on iron-deficiency during pregnancy this afternoon, it turns out that it's actually quite common in mommas-to-be. I'm feeling much better knowing that our Little Guy is safe and sound and has all the iron he needs to grow. My question for you Mommas out there is: Did you struggle with anemia during pregnancy? Any advice is much appreciated!
After talking to the doctor, Z and I had an eventful morning consisting of grocery shopping, a storage auction, and lunch at a new burger & shake joint that pretty much blew our socks off. Anytime we can get our hands on sweet potato fries, a juicy burger, and a milkshake, we're happy campers. Happy, gluttonous campers. We then headed to the hospital for Tiny's big ultrasound, which totally made our day. Week, actually. Maybe even month. According to the doctor, he currently weighs 2 lbs. 12 oz. (the average size at 28 weeks is 2 lb. 4 oz.) and is "picture perfect". This news blew the sweet potato fries out of the water. We've waited (semi)patiently for 8 weeks to hear this news, and it feels so good knowing that our Baby is right on track. Answered prayers, my friends.
A few close-ups:
pouty face

Zach thinks he looks like a baby polar bear here. Maybe we could get rich off Coca Cola commericals in a few years??

I usually try to keep posts light-hearted and happy, so I apologize for airing my dirty anemia laundry to you guys. It's just that y'all always have such great advice and are such amazing supporters. Thank you for always leaving the sweetest comments that truly make my day. You guys are the best!
Britt & Baby