When I was a little girl, my grandpa used to sing a song to us grandkids that has always been a favorite of mine. The chorus goes:

Let's go riding on a cloud, where the angels play.
Where no teardrops are allowed, throw your cares away.
This has been my inspiration for Baby's nursery the last few months....all things clouds, dreams, and wishes. I knew I wanted a mobile that reflected such and turned to Etsy for help. Unfortunately, most of the cloud mobiles ranged from $40-$150. I decided to make my own, and here's how it turned out!
(tested it outside on a hanging plant hook because we haven't gotten a hook for the nursery yet...)

Hopefully Little Man will have sweet dreams under his "dreamy" mobile :).
I'm off to Colorado in the morning for a week of much needed vacation...I'll see you all soon!