This Week...

 (prepare yourself for randomness!)
I picked up two bottles of marble nail polish at Urban Outfitters. Regularly $10, they were on sale for .99 a piece! For that price I had to give them a try. They didn't work as well as some pictures on Pinterest (like here and here), but it was also a lot less work. The effect is subtle but pretty and the polish dried in about a minute. You should definitely grab you a bottle or two!

Baby and I have done tons of reading and cookie-eating. If you are a Jane Austen/Pride & Prejudice fan, you HAVE to read this book! It's an easy read but thoroughly entertaining....all about a modern day woman that steps "back in time" to compete against seven other ladies for their "Mr. Darcy" on a reality TV show. I still lack a couple chapters, but hoping to finish tonight!

Zach found a new method of purse-holding while shopping. I appreciate his efforts.
We made treats to take to Z's little sister in College Station excited to see her!

I scored this watch at Kohl's today for $6.99...originally $35! 80% off is what I call a good markdown. I've wanted this watch for quite some time, but couldn't bring myself to pay the price. Now, for seven bucks, I have five watches in one :).
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! We are headed to College Station in the morning for the A&M vs. SC State football game...also hitting up a few storage auctions pre-game. It'll be a dream day for Mr. Fullwood! Happy Friday!