A Quick Hello

Greetings from our Baby Bear...
~6 days new~

Zach's Mom and I rigged up a little newborn photo session yesterday; can't wait to share the rest of the pictures with you guys! It was an adventure...would you believe this sweet face was peeing all over his sheepskin rug while this picture was being taken? Our washer hasn't stopped running since we got home on Tuesday. Complaining aside, he's worth every last load.

Can't wait to share his birth story on here, too. Everything went really well; actually the recovery process has proved to be the toughest part for this Momma. Things are getting easier every day though, and we are loving this precious time with our little man.

I have MISSED you ladies! Gonna try my best to catch up on your blogs when I'm not catching up on some sleep. Hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving.

Bear is officially one week old today...pictures/update coming tomorrow!