Easy DIY Hospital Favors

As it neared time to meet our Little Man, I knew I wanted to do something special for the friends and family that would come meet Bear at the hospital. Most of our family had a seven hour drive (each way!), so we figured a goody bag full of treats would be the perfect take-home favor for our visitors.
Assembling was easy: After filling each bag with candy and cookies, Zach designed the tags (let me know if you'd like the printable!) and I hot glued them on the sacks. We punched holes for the ribbon, tied them up, and were done! My only regret is not putting them in a more sturdy box for transit as they got a little squished/wrinkled. Overall, though, everyone seemed to enjoy the goodies and we felt good giving back a little to all our sweet visitors.
Hope you are all having a blessed week!
p.s. Bear had his 10 day check up today and it went great...I'm one happy Momma :)