Zach and I (okay, mostly just me) were very excited for our first Halloween in a house. We've both always been "apartment people" until this year and had honestly never, ever handed out candy to trick or treaters before. We ate it up! Literally, Baby and I ate a lot of the candy up on our own. We still managed to hand out three big bowlfuls to adorable little princesses, pirates, and ghosts before having to turn the lights out at 8:45pm when we ran completely out of candy. I love making memories like this with Zach; the fun, carefree moments are what makes this life so beautiful.
 A few pictures of the evening...
bowl #1 all ready to be handed out

warm peanut butter cookies filled our house with a festive, bring-on-the-holidays smell 

Some of you asked to see our pumpkins from this post...let me go ahead and warn you that we spent a total of about 6 minutes on these bad boys. Football was on tv so Z was on a schedule and I had clothes ready in the dryer....thus our rushed, but still fun, pumpkin spray-painting attempt. (the blue one is Zach's...I really want to replace it but fear it will hurt his feelings, so it stays)

Tiny's first Halloween "costume"...the magic 8 ball!

Hope you all had a great Halloween, full of candy and treats :)