This post is titled Lately... with special emphasis on late. Some of these pictures were taken three weeks ago! Oopsie. Better to share late than never, right?
Here's a look at our happenings via phone pictures in semi-chronological order...
 Three weekends ago, we drove to Sweetwater for our baby shower and to see family one last time before Tiny comes. Zach loves hanging out with his brother Cole and our adorable nephew Kamdon. I love this picture so much...shows the pure silliness of my husband.

Can't believe I'm posting this picture! Some of you have commented on my "easy pregnancy" and I needed proof that it hasn't all been glorious. My feet and ankles swelled up like crazy after our seven hour drive to Sweetwater and stayed that way alllllll weekend. My sweet Momma helped me ice and elevate them; you know it's bad when your skinny jeans won't fit over your ankles!
Our doctor's office always has the most beautiful arrangements...I want to take them home with me!

But instead I get to take this guy home....not a bad trade-off. This is his "We've been waiting to see the doctor for fifty-six minutes and counting" face.

Trying to wait patiently....why do doctors insist on taking years to see patients? Especially uncomfortable pregnant ones.

 We finally got a big comfy chair for our living room! Baby and I live in it. Seriously, Zach has gotten to sit in it twice.

Totally raided the Halloween candy aisle at Target. Score!
Is there anything sweeter than a baby romper?
Last Saturday Z and I went to our friends' daughter's birthday party (say that three times fast!). Everything was so cute, complete with ponies and a pinata. Happy 3rd Birthday, Addy!

Yes, you're looking at CHRISTMAS wrapping! I started our shopping a little early this year since the next few weeks are going to be very busy with Tiny's arrival and all things baby. This is the first year we've had pink wrapping paper; I told Zach that I'm about to be outnumbered by two boys and need all the pink in my life I can get :).
Hope all of you are having a wonderful week! Happy Hump Day!