Momma or Daddy?

Hi, y'all!
Still here, still very pregnant. Tomorrow is Tiny's due date and he doesn't seem to have any plans of coming early...he's stubborn like his Daddy! We have an induction scheduled for next Tuesday, November 20th, but are hoping Little Man will decide to come on his own before then. I'm walking like crazy but have walked 3-4 miles almost every day this entire pregnancy, so not sure walking will help get things going. Any tips on getting Baby down and out? 

Last night I was looking through baby pictures of Z and started seeing a resemblance to Tiny's ultrasound photos....what do you guys think?

Or Momma, perhaps?
(Zach says I look like an alien in this picture, so I'm hoping there are no similarities)

Guess we'll know soon enough! I just can't wait to hold our Little Man. Carrying him around for nine months has been incredible but finally holding him in my arms will be the best feeling in the world.
Some of Z's family are on their way down to Houston now; things are starting to get exciting around these parts! Just playing the waiting game and praying for a healthy baby boy. 
Happy weekend, ladies!