What's In My Hospital Bag

As time ticks on slowly by, Zach and I are anxious yet starting to feel somewhat prepared for Tiny's arrival. Let's hope so...afterall, he is due NEXT week! I started packing our hospital bags last week (yes, we each have one...even Z) and finally feel like if Baby decided to make a grand entrance into the world tonight, we could load up and go.

I'm by no means an expert; this has all been packed based simply on what the hospital nurses advised and what I've researched from other blogs and experienced mommas. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to share!
The bag was a Christmas gift from Zach's grandma last year; it's a Vera Bradley large duffel and I love it. Can't say enough good things. It's been perfect for so many weekend trips and seems to be just the right size for all my hospital necessities.
Here's what's inside:
1. nursing pajamas- These were a generous gift from a family member; she bought them for her post-delivery last November but never ended up wearing them. They are sooo soft and are made especially for nursing; I can't wait to give them a try!
2. slippers- for roaming the halls and potty-trips
3. comfy pajamas/robe- I've read on several of your blogs where a robe is a must-have during the hospital stay. With visitors coming in and out, it's a quick "I'm as presentable as it's gonna get" fix.
4. Boppy nursing pillow- This is something I've debated taking but think I'm going to stick with it. I know those first few feedings are crucial and want to be able to position Little Man just right.
5. nursing bras/tank- The bras were a gift (also from sweet Riley Ann!) and I purchased the nursing tank at Target. Nurses at our hospital advised not investing in nursing bras until your milk comes in, so I'm going to try these out before buying any myself.
6. cozy socks/undies- self-explanatory!
7. camera- We have a Canon Rebel T3i and absolutely love it. Hoping it captures some great shots during all the excitement!
8. comfortable shoes- My sister-in-law, Scarlett, gave me these Toms several Christmases ago and I've been obsessed ever since. What's not to love about cute "slippers" that are totally acceptable for public wear? I packed them for the trip home.
9. going home outfit- As much as I'd love to leave the hospital in some fancy schmancy dress or even just my pre-pregnancy skinny jeans, I've facing the reality of the situation...putting on this velour tracksuit will likely be all the fashion I'll be up for.
10. makeup- to freshen up before guests and hopefully feel a little more put-together after labor
11. baby book- for guests to sign
12. library book- I know, I know...you're probably thinking, "Does she really think she'll have time to read a few chapters in between contractions?". The truth is I just never go anywhere without a good book. You never know!
13. nursing pads/Lanolin cream- I think the hospital provides these, but I'm not sure and want to be prepared just in case.
14. snacks- What you see has been quadrupled since this picture was taken. I'm a candy-holic, so candy is a must, but also threw a few granola bars in for good measure.
15. iPad- for Facebook updates, of course
16. toiletries- This bag will have a few last minute items thrown in, but I've also bought several travel-size items for convenience. Shampoo, body wash, face wipes, etc.
This adorable babyprints frame wasn't pictured above but has since been added to the bag; it was a gift from our friends Whitney and Garrett (over at Keeping up with the Cyperts). I'm hoping the nurse will put his little prints in the frame for us!
There are several items not listed that we can't pack until the last minute such as phone and camera chargers, pillows (I've heard the hospital ones are no bueno), contacts/glasses, etc...but hopefully this list will help some of you other Mommys-to-be when you're considering what to pack for your hospital stay. I'm planning on doing a run-down of what was used and really necessary after Baby Boy gets here. If you have any tips or advice, please send them our way!

Thanks for reading, friends!