7 Weeks

Thank you for the polar bear onesie Aunt Amanda, Uncle Cole and Kamdon! And thank you for my warm, fuzzy boots Grandma Candy and Pops!

Height: We haven't measured him and honestly have no clue...I'd guess around 23-24 inches
Weight: 13 lb. 6 oz. (on our home scale, so is likely a little off)
Things to Remember:
-You are smiling all the time now! We absolutely love it. You make really good eye contact and then get the biggest, sweetest grin; we can't get enough.
-You are "cooing" much more, too. Sometimes you'll have little chats with Daddy in the evenings; it seems like you're telling him all about your day.
-You're taking more cat naps and less long naps throughout the day.
-Your record for sleep is still 7 hours straight...we're praying you'll beat that (or at least tie it) soon! The last week you've gone between 3-5 hours straight.
-Your "dislike" above isn't made up; you were NOT interested in watching The Bachelor Monday night. Your fussiness matched how Daddy and I felt about it, too.
-You're hiccuping much less often; for weeks you were getting them twice a day, now it's closer to 2-3 times a week.
-You're a hungry little Bear, wanting to eat every 1 1/2 hours-2 hours. We are still exclusively breastfeeding.
-You love your pacifier and take it like a champ. Your Auntie Scarlett and Uncle Shane bought you 4 awesome Booginhead paci clips and they are like magic! We never lose those silly little suckers (pun totally intended) anymore.
-You are truly a water baby; you love bath time!
I'm in total disbelief that the next update will be a two month update! That simply can't be possible. Just yesterday we were bringing this little guy home from the hospital, all bundled up and ready to be loved on in his new home. What a beautiful seven weeks it has been.
Thanks for reading :). Happy Hump Day, friends!