Christmas Recap Part 1

 Oh boy, I'm just a little bit behind, huh? I still wanted to document Bear's first Christmas on the blog, even if it's coming eleven days late. We had such an amazing, blessed Christmas.
The first part of our trip was spent with my family; Zach's family was all home but also sick (big bummer!) so we had to wait a few days to visit with them. We hadn't seen my older brother, Shane, and his wife Scarlett since their wedding in February; it was such a wonderful reunion. They loved Baby Bear and we loved seeing them! My little brother Ryan has been at the Air Force Academy since June so he enjoyed a nice three week break back home. My parents were sweet enough to let us stay at their house, with a newborn, and thankfully Bear was a good little visitor. Not much crying, just lots of snuggles and cuddles.
No more words, just pictures...
Christmas Eve jammies
Christmas morning
Santa was good to Bear!
gettin' loved on by Uncle Shane
sweet cousins, Collin and Braylie
Christmas night with my Dad's family...always a special tradition
my brothers and beautiful sister-in-law, Scarlett
Bear loves his Uncle Ryan
our precious Papaw Joe
three generations
Bear got lots of neat Hawaiin goodies from Shane and Scarlett! They are currently stationed in Honolulu...hopefully there's a visit in our near future :)
Fullwood Christmas pictures coming soon...
Happy weekend!