It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Valentine's Day

I don't really believe in New Years resolutions. I think we should always strive to be the best we can be, setting goals year round and constantly trying to attain them. However, this year, I'm making a promise to myself to be the most fun, festive Mommy and wife possible. This means holiday celebration overload, folks.

We are in the midst of such a meaningful time; every moment is a first for our sweet baby Bear. If I stop to think about it for too long, I get all silly emotional and both Bear and Zach look at me like I'm a whack job. And maybe I am. But these times are special, really special, and I want to treasure every last minute of this blessed life we find ourselves living. There's a snoring baby boy asleep on my lap as I type this, all sprawled out and gently sucking on his pacifier. I keep pausing to lean down and smell his soft little head; it smells like honey. I can't help but look down at him and think, "I want to give you the world, son". Not materialistic things, but memories. I want to give him a childhood full of beautiful, heart-fulfilling memories.
Sappiness aside, here are a few peeks at the Valentine's Day decor around Casa de Fullwood. It's not much, but just enough to get our celebratory juices flowing. I haven't even hit up the Target dollar section yet...Lord knows our house will be all kinds of Valentine's Griswold style after that happens.
Can you tell that I'm a little obsessed with the double hearts? I found these at Dollar Tree and bought four of them; for one dollar I think it makes a pretty nice stand-in wreath, don't you? I'd like to make a Valentines wreath one of these days but don't think I'll get around to it this year.
 baby in red
I'm infatuated with all things teddy bear these days, naturally. I smile every time I see these sweet suckers. (please ignore the leftover Christmas kisses...can't waste perfectly good chocolate!)

 Are you looking forward to Valentine's Day this year, too? Do you have any special traditions? Also, any ideas on what to get a guy that really only enjoys pocket knives and power tools? Help, please! :)