11 Weeks

Height: 25-26 in.
Weight: 15 lb. 2 oz. (on our home scale...likely a little off)
Things to remember:
-You have rolled over from back to side 5-6 times this week!
-You have officially started laughing. It's not an all-out big person laugh, but it's a hearty little baby laugh and it's precious. You mostly laugh when Mommy & Daddy play pat-a-cake with you.
-You have started wearing some 6 month clothes....at 11 weeks. This is crazy, son! Slow down! We're not mad, though; actually we're thrilled that you're growing and thriving.
-You do not like tummy time. Mommy has you doing it multiple times throughout the day and it only lasts for 2-3 minutes each time before you get really upset and want to be rolled over.
-Bathtime is still your favorite! You get a bath every night around 8pm.
-You're sleeping great at night, which makes up for your lack of daytime naps (hoping you start taking some again soon). Mommy feeds you around 11pm and you go to sleep sometime between 11-12pm, then wake up between 4:30-7:30am for a feeding. You go right back to sleep until 10-11am! It's wonderful. You spend those last few hours in bed with Momma and often "dream feed" once or twice, too.
-You have taken a big interest in your activity mat; you love looking up at the lights and kicking the hanging toys. This is great because it gives Mom a chance to do a few things (fold laundry, wash dishes, etc.) during the day!

 We are headed home to Sweetwater in the morning and are so excited to see our sweet family and friends. It's a looong drive (will take 7-9 hours depending on how many times we stop to nurse Bear), so say a prayer for us tomorrow, please! Bear's gonna get loved on like no other this weekend; I can't wait to watch his grandparents and great-grandparents see him giggle. They're gonna melt.