3 Months

 I tried to narrow it down to 2-3 pictures but just couldn't bear to erase any...
"Mom, if you put this bowtie in my face, I'm gonna eat it"
overalls: Old Navy, bowtie: Target

 Height: 26-27 in.
Weight: 16 lb.
Things to Remember:
-You have started to take a real interest in watching Mommy and Daddy eat. You watch intently as we take each bite as if to say "Give me some cheeseburger!". Soon enough, Baby, soon enough.
-You still aren't napping much but are sleeping great at night so we can't complain. Just last night you slept from 12am-12pm only waking up for 3 feedings in between and going right back to sleep each time.
-You smile all the time, especially in the mornings when you first wake up. You must've gotten that from your Daddy because Momma does not wake up happy. I'm glad you do!
-You do not like getting dressed. At all. You never cry, but you certainly look displeased and would much rather stay a naked baby all day.
-You kick and pull your legs up toward your chest when laying on your back; you just started this a couple days ago. One day soon you're gonna reach up and grab those chubby toesies!
-The only toy you'll hold onto so far is Sophie the Giraffe; you love her! Chewing on Sophie is one of your favorite pastimes these days. (New/expecting mommies: Sophie is amazing and came highly recommended to us. Now I see why! She's made of all natural rubber & food paint so Baby can safely chew away all he/she wants.)
-You fully support your head (and have for several weeks now).
-You try to stand up all the time. Anytime we hold you on our laps, you're pushing up and tighting your legs. It's so cute! Daddy thinks you're going to walk before you crawl.
To our Baby Bear:
The past 3 months have been the best, most rewarding months of our lives. Watching you grow from a sleepy, curled-in-a-ball newborn to the alert, happy little boy you are now has truly been amazing. We are blessed to call you our son and you are, and always will be, our "greatest accomplishment". We love you.