The Other Man...

Things are pretty much all about Baby around these parts lately as apparent through almost every blog post over the past three months. I often pray that I'm fulfilling my duties as a wife just as much as I'm striving to fulfill those of a mother. It's a difficult balance, I'm finding, but one that's worth every effort.
From the moment I met Zach he's been my rock, my Mr. Darcy, my knight in a shining pick-up truck. No matter how much of my heart our son has stolen (it's a lot), Zach will always be my best friend and the man I'm going to grow old and wrinkly with. I wouldn't want it any other way.
To Z:
You blow me away daily with your giving heart and compassionate soul. Just when I thought I'd seen every beautiful side of you, you became a father. You became his father. There is no role you were better meant to play and I love watching you love our son. I am blessed beyond measure to share this life with you and I love you. I love you. I love you.
(had to sneak a little P&P in there)
 Happy weekend, friends.