3-4 Month Favorites

 1. Jeep Liberty Limited Urban Terrain Jogging Stroller in Spark- We are pretty much obsessed with our jogging stroller, even if Momma prefers to walk, rather than jog, with it. Bear loves riding in it too, and the mesh sides are great because he can see out but is still sheltered from the wind (thanks Auntie Scarlett and Uncle Shane!).
2. Rice Cereal & Apple- We started giving Bear rice cereal when he turned four months old, and he actually prefers it over oatmeal. We never tried regular rice cereal, but he likes it with apple so we're going with it!
3. Elegant Baby Bath Squirt Toys- These were a gift from my parents and we're finally putting them to good use since Bear is beginning to really play during bath time. These "squirties" are so cute and easy for little hands to grab and squeeze.
4. Denim one-piece- One of our favorites from Baby Gap; it's so versatile! It's great for cool mornings, then just roll the sleeves and pants up when the sun decides to come out. It's on sale right now, too! We also love it in red and navy/anchor.
5. Graco Jump 'n Jive- This was Z's idea to order and I owe him forever. I was skeptical of whether or not Bear would like it, but like turned out to be an understatement. This is his absolute favorite thing to do; he bounces like nobody's business! The music mat is a must-have too; for about $10 more, it plays music and makes percussion noises when Baby steps on certain spots.
6. Touch and Feel Puppy Book- My Nana got this for Bear and it's one of his favorite books. He loves touching all the pages (and trying to turn them before Mommy can finish a sentence...).
7. Mudpie Seersucker Golf Cap- We are big fans of Mudpie (it's just so cute!) and this golf cap fits Bear comfortably, unlike a lot of baby caps. It's perfect for walks, trips to the park, and future golf course excursions.
8. Mudpie Golf Shoes- Maybe not the most practical of baby shoes, but arguably some of the cutest. (thanks Mom and Dad!)
Mommies out there,
What are some of your favorites for babies 6-12 months? We want to get some summer-time goodies for Little Guy and would love any ideas/suggestions!
Still praying hard for those in West and Boston. We stand behind you and are sending astronomical amounts of love.
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