Five Months

 Sitting here in shock as I write this post...where have the last five months gone? Can't believe next month we will already be celebrating our Baby Boy's half-birthday! (and yes, there will be a celebration)
I think I'll sit up tall and give Mommy a good scare...
...she can't get mad at this face.
on Bear: shirt-Polo Ralph Lauren (similar), shorts-Baby Gap
Things to Remember:
-You've started rolling all OVER the place this month! First you only rolled back to belly, then a couple weeks later you got the hang of belly to back. Now you can roll clear across a room! We call you Flipper.
-You've become a big-time talker over the last month. You also, as of just yesterday, started saying "Mama"!!!!!!!!!! It's typically only when you're frustrated, or want something, and we're not even sure you know what you're saying. But you do say it, loud and clear, and I love it. You've also discovered this super high-pitched range of your voice and like to use it while Mom is on the phone. Just makin' yourself known! 
-You love your Graco Jump 'n Jive. It's the only place, other than in someone's arms, that you'll happily stay for long periods of time. You bounce like nobody's business.
-On your four month birthday, the pediatrician gave us the green light to give you rice cereal/oatmeal. We came straight home and tried the rice cereal, but you didn't really seem interested at first. We tried again about a week later and there's been no looking back. You wolf it down! We give you one bowl of rice cereal with apple every evening around 7pm. We also gave you sweet potatoes the last two mornings and you haven't really liked them, so we'll probably wait another week or two and try again. You're definitely a milk baby! Who needs all that other stuff, anyway?
-You've always been a water baby, but you seem to enjoy baths even more the bigger you get. Daddy lays you down in the tub (with about 2 inches of water and both of us always right there) and you love to kick your legs and splash with your arms. We can't wait to take you to the pool this summer. 
-You go 3ish hours between feedings now, which Mommy is thankful for. For months it was every hour and a half!
-You go down around 10:30pm every night and sleep until around 6-8am. You eat and go right back to sleep until around 10am. You still don't take any long naps, but prefer 3-4 20-30 minute naps throughout the day.
-You actually enjoy tummy-time, especially if there are toys within your grasp.
-You want to be on the move so badly, we think you'll be crawling pretty soon (no rush, please!). You try to wiggle out of your Snug, and bouncer, and Nap Nanny now. Little rascal!
-You've been in size 3 diapers since a week after you turned 4 months old.

To our Baby Bear:
The last five months have been a whirlwind of magical, unforgettable moments. You are such a calm, laid-back baby and it is an absolute joy watching you learn and grow. Sometimes I catch your Daddy watching you sleep in the mornings and his eyes are full of such love; you are his everything and he would do anything, anything, for his little boy. You are our greatest blessing and we are so proud to be your parents.