Just a few phone pictures from the last few days...
sweet dreams
 Birchbox snack...surprisingly yummy!

gangster baby

fun at Home Depot (red mark on cheek compliments of Daddy's scruff)

favorite new polish (also from April's Birchbox)
changes to pretty purple in the sun
backyard fun with Daddy

Our playgroup is the best ever. We went to a playdate yesterday afternoon and were surprised with a goodie bag full of Ella's Kitchen snacks for Bear, wipees, candy for Momma, laundry detergent, and...

the world's cutest bowtie. A big thanks to our organizer, Jade, for always taking good care of us!
 A little video, from last week, to prove that Bear is in fact saying "Mama" :)
I finally caught up with the rest of the world and got instagram! Follow me @brittfullwood.
Happy Tuesday, loves!