DIY Tissue Paper Poms

If you have a party coming up, or just feel like getting festive for no reason at all (I'm guilty of this all the time), these 5-minute tissue poms will save your day. They are so easy to make and really add a special touch to any party decor. Lots of people are even using them in baby nurseries now! Examples here and here.
you'll need: tissue paper (I used 8 sheets of each color), scissors, fishing line

Step One: Lay out tissue paper flat, with sheets stacked on top of each other

Step Two: Fold tissue paper accordian style

Step Three: Tie fishing line in a knot around center of folded paper
Step Four: I forgot to cut the edges on this pom, but it does make them look a little more "profesh". Cut the edges into a rounded shape, as along the lines shown below.

 Step Five: Pull apart tissue and begin fluffing it out

You should have a full, fluffy pom! If you want thicker poms, simply use more tissue paper. You can make them in all sorts of bright, fun colors. Just perfect for that summer party! To hang, tie fishing line to the fishing line you knotted in center of pom.
 Wasn't that easy?
(ignore my string that needs to be trimmed!)
Happy crafting, y'all!