Sleepy Sunday...

 Bear's typically not much of a napper, but last Sunday, much to our surprise, he slept most of the afternoon away. Playing catch-up, perhaps?
Whatever the reason, we embraced the excuse to cuddle and love on our snuggly boy.

We eventually were productive...

helping Daddy fill mass log vase orders. He made close to 20 vases this weekend- hard workin' man! Hope all these mommas love their Mother's Day gift :).

I'm obsessed with Teddy Grahams. There are four of these bags in our pantry right now and they probably won't live to see another week. Growing up, we always took Teddy Grahams on camping trips; isn't it wonderful tasting things of childhood? My favorite.

My very favorite Teddy, though, happens to be this one...
 Hope you are all having a fantastic week!

Things are getting cray-cray around here as Bear and I prepare to head back home for Mother's Day, a bridal shower, Bachelorette Extravaganza, and seeing all our family and friends (except Whitney. We will miss you, Whit!). Our shop also recieved an order yesterday for a dozen flowered fedoras that this Momma's crankin' out as fast as her little fingers can handle. Did I mention that Z's 30th birthday is next week? And that I have a 5 month old that wants to be held 'round the clock? Yeah, things are crazy. But I kinda love it.
Happy Tuesday, y'all!