Five Minute DIY Father's Day Gift

Yes, this is a few days late and chances are you are not already preparing a Father's Day gift for June 2014. But, just in case you believe in the power of Pinterest or your stellar memory (and for my lack thereof), I'm sharing this DIY anyway!
I had seen this on several different blogs so I'm not sure where to give credit (sorry original creators!), but I knew I wanted to try it and Father's Day seemed like the perfect opportunity. Zach bought his own gift, which seems a bit sad, but he knew exactly what he wanted: a grinder. I'm told this is a power tool. Bear and I still wanted to do something small and special for him, so we took a trip to Dollar Tree where we found our supplies:

-a white ceramic mug
-Dad's Blue Cream Soda (Z isn't a coffee drinker)
-a Sharpee (already had this)
-tissue paper (had this too)

We then took the mug and Sharpee and carefully traced Bear's handprint onto one side. It's not perfect because I didn't want permanent marker all over my chubby eat-my-hands-constantly baby. Then we wrote a few personal messages, the date on the side, and added some dots for a little flair.

After we were done writing, we baked the mug in the oven for 30 minutes at 350. This sets the marker and it should be microwave and dishwasher safe. Though I remember reading that hand-washing is your best bet for keeping the writing from fading. Add some tissue paper and you're all finished!
You could do this for any occasion: a teacher gift, Secret Santa, etc. We love easy, personalized things around here!

Hope you're all having a fabulous week! Happy Hump Day!