Lately (part one)

You know you're getting behind on blogging when your "Lately" posts are running very, well, late. I promise all of these were taken in the last two weeks, so I'm not that behind.

I have a decent excuse...I've been chasing this little Bear-crawler around like crazy (and making lots of trips to the post office, thanks to Logs 'n Lace!)

"Look what I did, Momma! Wanna read?"

Bear loves Uncle Too

Z's innovative "tire table"

Bear is scarfing baby food like a champ. Often he'll eat three containers in one sitting and still be begging for more. Mommas out there- is this normal at 7 months?? Sometimes he will go through 6-7 of these a day....and he's still nursing 5-6 times a day. Feels like all I do is feed this chubby baby!

First big boo-boo happened last week when Bear bumped his head on our office desk :(. We survived but it was rough for a little bit!

Found this adorable suit at Baby Gap...

I'd say it's fitting for our little DJ.

Saturday morning shop delivery! Love giftwrapping for sweet customers!

Saturday evening we made a Goodwill run...I turned my back for thirty seconds and looked back to find these two just like this. Two peas in a pod. And one Bear in a chair.
Hope your week is off to a fantastic start!!