I have been such a bad blogger lately; I'm so sorry for not commenting on your blogs as much as I should! I promise they're still being read and I love keeping up with each of you!
My 26th birthday is today (it's been a special one!) and it seemed like a good day to reflect on the last couple of weeks. They've been a whirlwind, but so much fun! We took a trip back to West Texas this weekend and I'll recap on that soon, too.
Bear loves playdates with his buddy, Leo
Bear and his cousins house-hunting (they found one!)
enjoying our new hammock (get it here!)
sweet potato monster
Wings 'n More with Grandma Candy
Saltgrass with Uncle Ryan

yummiest dessert ever...chocolate brownie cookie sundae

cuties in blue

Logs 'n Lace goodies ready for delivery

Bear's sweet cousin, Jagger, and his brothers came to visit

pickle monster!

Came home last night to find the most amazing Lush package from my brother and sister-in-law...totally made my night! Thank you so much, Shane and Scarlett! LOVE it!

Hope you had a fantastic weekend! I'm off for some birthday giggles with my boys :)