Skin Care Guest Post

I was recently reach out to by a sweet woman named Michelle who works at a spa called Skana in a small town in Upstate NY. Her desire is to share her skin care knowledge with others and I'm thrilled she decided to use our blog as an outlet!
Hope you'll find her advice and "recipe" useful; makes me want to start doing more for my (and my son's!) skin. Michelle would LOVE your feedback; please leave her some love in the comments :).
Lately a common topic of discussion around the spa has been the dangerous
effects the sun has on our skin. Most people are aware of the dangers prolonged exposure to the sun can cause, but are unaware of the dangerous chemicals found in most sunscreens. With all the time spent outdoors during the summer season skin safety should
be a primary concern.
Beach Beauty Hydration Mask
In the summer, moms are busier than ever keeping their children entertained until school starts again in the fall. It's easy to get caught up in all of the summer fun and let some of your routines slide. In the summer, I tend to wear less makeup, meaning I also end up skipping my skincare regimen more often than I'd like to admit. Even though your skin may feel oily at times in the summer heat, you still need moisture. The sun and the heat of summer dry out skin. The experts from Skana spa of the New York resort Turning Stone have contributed this recipe for an easy to make summer hydration mask.

What You Need

1 cup of natural yogurt

1/2 cup of oatmeal

1 tablespoon of honey

Start by mixing all ingredients in a large bowl until the mixture is well combined. You want a smooth consistency so that the mask can easily be spread evenly on your face.

Spread the hydration mask on your face. Avoid placing it too close to your eyes, as it may sting if it accidentally gets in them. Don't use the mask sparingly - you want a good, thick layer on your skin. Now it's time to relax. I love to lock myself in my bedroom while my husband takes care of the kids for a little while. Candles and smooth jazz music help set the atmosphere. After chasing the kids all week, it feels amazing to lay still and do absolutely nothing for a few minutes.

Relax for 10 to 15 minutes, and then wash the hydration mask off with a warm washcloth. I like to take my time with this step, as the warmth from the washcloth really helps open up and unclog your pores.

In addition to being relaxing, this hydration mask is amazing for your skin because it is all-natural and free from the chemicals contained in store bought products. The enzymes in yogurt kill bacteria that can cause acne. Oatmeal softens the skin and gives it that natural glow every woman seeks in the summer. Honey is a humectant, which means that it attracts moisture and helps the skin absorb it.

The recipe is quick and easy - an essential quality for any busy woman. And because the ingredients are cheap and items that I usually keep on hand in the kitchen, this indulgence doesn't break the budget. This hydration mask will leave your skin with that summer glow and have you ready for whatever the day throws at you.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge, Michelle!
I tried this recipe last night and woke up with my skin feeling AMAZING. Love that all the ingredients can be found around the house and are natural. Hope you'll try it out, too!