8 Months

Bear turned 8 months old on July 18th so (as usual) this post is a little late. The pictures were taken on time, though! The "dislike" came from Zach and refers to our Etsy shop. If any of you have little girls in the area, send them our way! Bear would love a vacation from modeling ;).

the infamous "squaking" pose...don't worry he's not upset, just learning to utilize his vocal chords

Height and weight are unsure...we'll find out at 9 month appointment. Weight, we think, is around 23 pounds.
Things to Remember:
-You are in size 4 diapers and have been for about a month and a half.
-You are pulling up on everything. It's so hard to leave you for even a second because you are ninja-grabbing things off the coffee table, trying to stick your fingers in electric outlets, or digging in trash cans. You are a little rascal!
-Your favorite snacks are Little Crunchies and Yogurt Melts. You could easily eat a package in one sitting!
-You are wearing mostly 12-18 month clothes, but some 12 months are too small and you are starting to wear more 18 months. 
-You are obsessed with packing tape. It is so funny! At first you would just laugh and laugh any time we'd use it; you love the sound it makes. But now you want to touch it and use it and get so frustrated when we won't let you. It has a little razorblade, son! It's for your own good, promise.
-You zoom all over the house in your Kolcraft "Tot Rider 2" Walker. Your "Annie" gave it to you and we are so grateful; it's been a lifesaver! Not only does Bear enjoy it, but it frees up Momma's hands for a little bit too. How do you think I'm typing this? :)
-Your favorite food, hands down, is sweet potatoes. You like them more than any of the fruits. Bananas and squash are your second favorites.
-Your sleeping schedule goes something like this these days: Go to bed at 9:30pm, wake up at 7am for feeding. Go back to sleep until 8am. Wake up, then go down for nap from 10:30-11:30am. Play hard then take another nap from 3-5pm.
-You love Yo Gabba Gabba! And your Momma kind of does, too.


We love you, Sugar Bear, and still can't believe you're ours. You are such an incredibly happy Little Man and truly make our lives complete. Time really needs to slow down, but in the meantime, we're loving every minute.