Guest Bedroom Reveal

It just hit me the other day that it's been ages since I shared any rooms in our home (find previous posts here and here). We're I'm currently getting the decorating-bug back and am anxious to get more things done around the house; having a baby puts a big hold on home projects! Totally not complaining...especially since we now get to work on the most fun project of all, a playroom :).

Our house has three bedrooms upstairs; one is the nursery and two are guest bedrooms connected by a jack & jill bath. They also each open up to the playroom. I wanted the rooms to be minimal in the way of décor; there's something about a cluttered guest room that doesn't feel very clean or welcoming. Know what I mean? We were lucky enough to be given this bedroom set (bed, nightstand, dresser/vanity) by my grandparents and Zach and I absolutely love it. It's a beautiful antique that we hope will stay in the family for generations to come.
 Enough babbling, here are the pictures!
I spy a little Bear...
Yes, that is a sonogram picture of Bear over the bed. Need to change that out, just can't bring myself to switch it. Time has flown by too quickly :(.

And there it is! Simple and fresh with a few pops of color. I just can't keep myself from cranberry; it's definitely my favorite color these days. None of the upstairs bedrooms had ceiling fans when we moved in, so Zach put them all in and it's been such a nice addition for our guests.
Room Details:
rug, throw pillows, curtains: Home Goods
bedding: TJ Maxx
antique style lamp, all bird decor, black picture frames: Vickie's Gifts in Roscoe
Tuscan Sunset picture: Hobby Lobby

Thank you for sticking with this long-winded post! I plan to show you the other guest room soon, too.
And thank you to each of you that left such sweet comments on yesterday's post. It felt so good to vent and, in a way, helped spark my love for blogging once again. Doesn't hurt that Bear took a long nap this afternoon, too :).

Hope you're having a fabulous weekend!