9 Months

A little late, as usual, but we're determined not to skip a month! Bear turned nine months old on August 18th. That's right, only twelve more days until our baby is ten months old :(. I just sent an email this morning about his cake smash photo session; are you kidding me? Not even possible.
I think I recognize this chair, Momma.


And a few bloopers for your viewing pleasure. Zach thought it'd be funny to get a standing-up picture since that's all he wants to do these days. Bear wasn't too sure at first, but eventually let go and embraced the stand (for all of three seconds before Z grabbed him again).
on Bear: shirt-Polo Ralph Lauren, shorts-Children's Place, football paci clip-Mud Pie
Height: 29 3/4 in.
Weight: 23 lbs.
(both at 9 month check-up)
Things to Remember:

-You are officially pulling up on eeeeeverything. All you want to do is lock those chubby legs and grab things at eye level!
-You know how to climb the stairs, which we didn't realize until two days ago. You've never taken any interest in the stairs (thank goodness), but when Mommy went upstairs and you saw, you quickly followed. Daddy realized your ninja moves and caught you on the fourth stair up, which you had reached in about twenty seconds.
Speedy little rascal!
-You just aren't feelin' the baby food anymore. Makes Momma kind of sad :(. Makes our pantry sad too, which still houses about thirty containers of uneaten baby veggies and fruits. Lord knows Zach and I aren't finishing those off.

- Because you're anti-baby food, you are now mostly eating table foods. Anything we eat, you want to eat. We basically break off small pieces of our meals and give them to you, which you pick up and eat with your hands. Your favorite snacks are Yogurt Melts and pieces of bread with peanut butter.
-You say both "mama" and "dada" all the time. You don't seem to associate them with us, but you do say them!
-Any time we say "touchdown!", you throw your hands in the air like there's no tomorrow. It charms strangers every time.
-You have what Daddy and I call "separation anxiety". Anytime we leave the room, you get really upset and start fake crying. Sometimes it's even real tears :(. Breaks our hearts and makes us never want to leave you!
-You have FIVE teeth! Two on top and three on bottom. Pretty sure there are more trying to break through, too.
-You are still in size 4 diapers and have been for about two months.
-You are in mostly 12-18 month clothes, and a few just 18 months.
-You are taking two naps a day most days, one for about an hour in the morning and one for almost two hours in the afternoon. Of course it's hit or miss; today you took two really short naps. You and Mommy are both happier when you take nice long naps!
I could keep babbling all day about Bear's milestones. Every day presents new fun, new challenges, and new adventures. Our Little Man is the sweetest rascal, and we wouldn't have it any other way. We love you, Bear Clayton!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
We're headed to Galveston tomorrow for a day at the beach; Bear's first "toes in the sand" experience will surely be one for the books!