I think I....Can't?

It's getting all kinds of late-night-delusional over here, y'all. I'm sitting here looking at a list of 17 people who've requested custom orders from our shop (www.facebook.com/LogsnLace :) ) and the stress is overwhelming to say the least. That, plus chasing around a nine month old crawling machine all day, has me worn out and needing sleep. Yet, here I am blogging. I need a little word therapy...know what I'm talking about? I'm sure you do.

All day long, I Little Engine That Could myself.
"I think I can make fifteen pairs of Bearfoot Sandals during Bear's thirty minute cat nap".
"I think I can sweep, vacuum, dust the baseboards, Windex every window in the house, and deep clean the refrigerator...all while Bear takes a forty-five minute cat nap".

I could go on and on, but you get the point. I really did make fifteen pairs of Bearfoot Sandals today. And six headbands. And two wedding garter sets. All because I Little Engined myself. The cleaning? Yeah....it didn't happen.

But, for my sanity's sake, I need a good laugh and to reassure myself that sometimes it's okay if I simply can't get everything done. So I'm reminding myself of several things I happily can't do.
I can't:
-Drive home from McDonalds drive-thru without opening the bag and eating at least half of my french fries. Because, why wait?
I can, however, drive home from Taco Bell drive-thru without opening the bag. Because that stuff's nasty. (Except their bean and cheese tostadas. Don't hate me, Maria!)
I can't:
-Snowboard. Because I'm not hip enough and don't use the word "dude".
I can, however, snow ski. Pizza style. Not the real deal, "parallel" stuff.
I can't:
-Play video games. Seriously don't know how to use the controller thing. We never had any growing up, not even a Nintendo!, and I have no clue to this day how to play.
I can, however, play board games. I'll take your money in a game of Scrabble.
I can't:
-Parallel park. Okay, sometimes I can. But I really hate doing it and would rather walk four miles to the destination and park in a normal lot than have to parallel park. I know, I know..."just back in". It's not that easy.
I can, however, hand the keys over to a valet and watch them do it. Winning.
I can't:
-Whistle. At all.
I can, however, scream very, very loudly. Just ask Zach. Just kidding :).

I can't:
-Eat tomatoes without gagging. It's a hate/hate relationship.
I can, however, eat my weight in ketchup. Even on mac 'n cheese! Best condiment ever.

I can't:
-Play tennis. That sport's hard! My parents and brother used to make me "play myself" against a concrete wall while they'd take turns playing each other on summer vacation. Ummm...you thought that'd help my skills (and self esteem) how, Mom and Dad?
I can, however, play ping pong like a boss. Like, a Michael Scott kind of boss. Actually I really do love ping pong. And now I want to play.
And there you have it, a little late night randomness. I'm going to bed feeling a small weight lifted, and hoping to heavens I don't have to parallel park my car tomorrow. Say a prayer please.