Halloween Costume(s) #1

 Yesterday evening, we headed a few miles north to The Woodlands and enjoyed Bear's first trick-or-treating experience in Town Green Park. It's a huge annual event with tons of local vendors handing out candy, live music, and even a costume contest. We entered Bear, and sadly he didn't win, but he did clap for himself as I carried him across the stage. Take that, judges.
Johnny Football and his off season essentials. 
We wanted to save Bear's "real" costume for the 31st, so we rigged this idea up on Saturday night. We I work best on a last minute deadline. Bear already had the jersey, knee pads, and socks; we decided to go through his outgrown clothes (biiiig mistake. I may or may not have cried.) and found some 3 month pants that are now capris/football pants. We bought some $1 black face paint at Wal Mart and Johnny Football was born. Our costumes, well, they didn't take much work. But we did get lots of laughs!

Hope you are having a spooky, but sweet, week! :)