October To Do List

We are so thrilled that October is finally here! Sure, we're still reaching 90-something degree weather in Houston most days, but cooler temps and trips to the pumpkin farm are now within reach.
This is Bear's first October and we want to make it a memorable one with all kinds of festive activities! We'll be doing a little traveling this month and have an art festival coming up, but we're gonna do our best to ensure lots of fall celebration!
Our Fall To Do List:
1. Go to the pumpkin farm as a family. We already have a date planned with several other mommy & baby friends, but we want to drag strong Z along to haul home lots of pumpkins :).
2. Drive to the beach. Galveston is just over an hour from our house and I've always wanted to spend a fall afternoon on the beach. No crowds, no summer-vacationers, just us and the ocean. It's still pretty warm in Houston and an 80 degree day would be perfect for Bear to enjoy the sand and water again.
3. Trick or Treat! This is a given. We have several Halloween parties to attend but also wanna take Bear door to door in our neighborhood.
4. Make Bear's Halloween costume. This is still a big subject of debate around here; any suggestions would be helpful!
5. Carve a pumpkin. Zach and I have never done this before (crazy, I know!) and now we can enjoy it with our son, too. Last year we got lazy and just spray-painted them. Hey, I was 8 months preggo...I was lucky just to get up off the couch!
6. Buy Bear this book & read it every night. This is a favorite from my childhood; I distinctly remember reading it over and over again with my big brother. I want Bear to know and love this book, too!
7. Bake my Mom's pumpkin bread recipe. Hers is seriously, hands down, the best. Speaking of...could you get that ready for me please, Mom? :)
8. "BOO" our neighbors. This is a tradition in our neighborhood and it's a lot of fun. Basically, it starts with one person sneaking a basket of Halloween goodies on a neighbor's doorstep & sticking a sign on the door that reads "You've been BOO'ed!" with instructions. It's a chain effect; once you've been BOO'ed, you enjoy your goodies and surprise another neighbor with a basket until the whole block has been treated.
Just typing that list got me all excited; Christmas season will always be my favorite but fall is a close, close second. What plans do you have for October? Would love to hear!