Ten Months

Weeeeeeellllll, long gone are the days of sit-still-in-a-chair-Bear. This is what I'm currently working with:
Slobber. Unsnapped onesie. Ninja climbing abilities.
But I did manage to capture a couple sweet moments on the piano.

Height & Weight are totally unknown; we just know this boy's big!

Things to Remember:
-You are a stair climber. We finally found a baby gate that fits our stairs and thank goodness we did...you gave Momma the biggest scare of her life last week! I turned my head for two minutes and turned to find you upstairs. Your little monkey self climbed all the way up by yourself! I nearly had a heart attack on the spot.
-Any time other people start laughing, you do this really loud fake laugh. It's hilarious! Guess you just want to be in on the fun, too.
-You are a wiggle worm. You always find a way to get out of shopping cart buckles and stand up in the Target baskets. You do not like to sit still! (this is an inherited trait...)
-You can now stand up without pulling up on anything. You'll be in the middle of the living room floor and just suddenly stand up out of nowhere. You'll stand for long periods of time, up to a minute, but you are yet to take a step. You always plop back down and crawl to where you want to go.
-You started waving "bye bye" this month and we love it; it's the classic baby backwards-wave. So cute!
-You can clap (and have been for 4-5 months), "motorboat" with your mouth, dance (side to side swaying), and have 6 teeth (3 on top, 3 on bottom).
-You still do the infamous Bear crawl...one leg in a 90 degree position without your knee touching the ground.
-Your favorite foods are black beans, grilled cheese sandwiches, strawberry cereal bars, and ice cream (which is only given on rare occasion...mostly when grandparents are present).

Bear turns 11 months in 3 days, so I'm a little behind on this update (as usual). It's so hard to continue watching the months fly by but each stage of babyhood has brought new joy for our little family. We have been super busy so first birthday planning has been on the backburner but it's time to get going on the party preparations! Do you have any tips/ideas for hosting a great first birthday bash? Would love to hear them!