11 Months

Our sweet, squirmy Little Man is officially 11 (and 1/2) months old!

This was taken right before he dove head-first off the chair.

Height and Weight are unknown; we'll find out in a couple weeks at the one month check-up.

Things to Remember:
-You started walking just before you turned eleven months!!!!! I think you took your first official steps (4 in a row) 5 or 6 days before turning 11 months old. We were SO proud! You started really walking, like a big boy, about a week and a half after those first steps.
-For several weeks, you were sleeping like a champ at night. 9pm-8am straight almost religiously. Theeeeen teething kicked in and we've had some hiccups. You've been up during the night several times lately and are up at 6-6:30am almost every morning. I blame it on the time change! And, of course, dumb teething.
-You are in size 12-18 month clothes and have been for several months. You are also still in size 4 diapers.
-Your favorite TV show is still Yo Gabba Gabba but you also love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and "Baby TV".
-Your favorite food is pizza (wonder where you get that from?!) and anything with bananas....except actual bananas. You spit them out! But banana bread? Banana pouches (pureed banana)? Banana pudding? You love it all.
-Your favorite place to be is outside. You are totally mesmerized when outdoors and love watching the squirrels in our backyard.
-You took your first trip to the zoo this month! We had so much fun and can't wait to go back. You stared those animals down; especially the bears ;).
-Your very favorite time of day is when Daddy gets home. He picks you up, turns the record player on Johnny Cash, and dances you around the living room. You laugh the biggest belly laughs and are in complete heaven. Mommy's in heaven just watching.
-You can say "Mama" (actually referring to me!!), "Dada", and "Ba"(ball)...Ba just started tonight! We are so excited to start expanding your vocabulary :).
-You became a dancin' fool over the past month. Anytime music plays, you stop whatever you're doing and start swaying side to side. Pretty much the cutest thing ever.
I'm in total disbelief that our baby will be one year old in a few short weeks. It just can't be possible! Here's hoping the next two weeks are the longest ever. Although, I am pretty excited for Bear's birthday party :).

Hope you are having a wonderful week!