Bear's Birthday Bash (part 2)

Find the first part of Bear's Birthday post here!
I'll try not to ramble too much as there are lots more pictures below! As described in the previous post, Bear's first birthday was storybook-themed and held in the "woods" by our home. The weather was warm and perfect for a party!

Each child took home a vintage Little Golden Book.

Can I have a kiss please, Peyton? It is my birthday, after all.

Going for it!

Bear's timeline banner! All those chalkboard pictures came in handy!
Kids toted around "Baby Bear Emergency Rations" aka chocolate animal crackers.

Heading home; partying is hard work!

Our sweet friends, Garrett and Whitney, flew down from Denver just to attend Bear's party. Are they amazing or what?! Miss them so much!
If you've stuck with these last two posts, you have quite the picture-viewing endurance! Bear sends a big hug!

We'll post ONE more birthday post before we head home to West Texas for a week of family and fun. Hope your week has been a great one!