Best A&M Game Ever!

Those of you that know me know that I didn't go to Texas A&M; I'm what you call an "Aggie by marriage". I went to a small school in Lubbock, Lubbock Christian University, but Zach went to A&M and that makes me an Aggie for life, too. Apparently.
There is definitely a sweet spot in my heart for Aggie football, mostly because Zach and I's first date was to an A&M football game. He had season tickets long before we met, so we've continued the tradition and had such a fun time taking Bear to all the home games this season. Saturday was the last home game this year, so it was bittersweet, but we made the most of it. The Aggies won, so that helped the "sweet" aspect.

And, I touched Johnny Football's hand. Doesn't excite you? That's okay. I went absolutely, teenage-girl-crazy nuts over it. That's all I could talk about the entire game. Johnny would throw a touchdown pass: "He only did that because he touched my hand". Johnny would stand on the sidelines: "He's standing there, thinking about how he touched my hand". Zach had the biggest smile on his face; I think he's proud that I now love the Aggies enough to be obsessed with their quarterback. Bear slept through the entire third quarter in Zach's lap...he wasn't impressed.
A few memories of the game:
The infamous spot where Johnny touched my hand. He was the very last player to come through the Spirit Line, and I held my hand out just in time to give him a good luck hand shake. Think it worked!

We went on the field after the game and spotted Gerard Johnson, a past quarterback for A&M. Zach handed Bear to him and said "Hey Gerard, can you still hold a football?". Gerard smiled and said, "I think so! Let's hope I don't fumble". He was so sweet! Bear, again, wasn't too impressed.

We also found Dr. R Bowen Loftin, the president of A&M. He was really sweet, too! He asked lots of questions about Bear, and of course hopes he'll be a fightin' Texas Aggie class of 2034.

Again, unimpressed. What does it take to "wow" you, Mr. Bear? Oh yeah, Snickers bars. That does it every time.

Hope you are having a great week!! We are busy preparing for Bear's first birthday party this Saturday. Get ready for picture/recap overload!