Bear's First BIG Thanksgiving

Last year at Thanksgiving, Bear was only four days old so we were confined to the house. Luckily my sweet mother in law stayed with us and got a feast from Boston Market so all was well, but we still missed being with our big families back in West Texas. This year, we definitely made up for it! We had three different Turkey Day celebrations and Bear had so much fun toddling around and playing with his cousins.
I didn't do the best job of picture-taking; when we were surrounded by family (and stuffing our faces), it was sorta the last thing on my mind. And Zach was A-Okay with that.
Road trippin' calls for Whataburger!
Ready for Thanksgiving lunch at Mamaw's.
Bear's outfit from Janie & Jack

Bear loves Uncle Ryan!

Wednesday afternoon, my parents watched Bear and gave Zach and me our first official "date" in over a year. We missed Bear, but it was much needed. We shopped and saw Delivery Man, which turned out to be pretty good.

This picture absolutely cracks me up. Please keep these chubby cheeks forever, Bear baby.

Please don't meddle in Grandma Candy's kitchen, Bear baby...

Cappuccino and Christmas books were how I liked to spend each  morning. Ashamed to say I hadn't read a book since Bear was born, but finished TWO while we were "home"!

Sweet boys ready for some fried goodness at Skeet's.

Bear's first guitar "lesson" (Z doesn't really play..).

Makeshift Christmas tree blocker...someone's an ornament snatcher.

West Texas snow.

We made Braum's happen on the way home and it was heavenly. You're looking at a double dip of pumpkin/cappuccino chocolate chip. Yumfest.
The only downside to our trip was that Bear and I were pretty sick. Like, really sick. We had the worst colds known to man. I had mine for over a month and gave it to poor Bear, who ended up vomiting multiple times during the night for several nights and not feeling like himself at all. Happy to report that we're both almost completely well and are determined to be healthy for Christmas! Nothing's gonna get in the way of some serious Christmas cheer 'round here! :)

Hope your Thanksgiving was full of love, laughter, and lots of pie!