Ho Ho Noooo

Just a quick, sleepy, Saturday night hello.
Today was pretty laid back around the Fullwood house and consisted of some Christmas movies on LMN, football games, present wrapping, Rudy's BBQ, and a trip around the neighborhood to look at lights. Perfection.
We took Bear to meet Santa for the first time last night and it didn't go so hot (as we expected); this was the best of four photos taken. You would've thought Santa was a rattlesnake given Bear's reaction in the other three pictures.

We also had to block off the tree this year; little paws like to grab ornaments and get into presents.

We hope your days are very merry & bright! Our days are merry, but our nights haven't been so blissful due to teething. Here's hoping Little Man has some relief tonight!

We're going to Yo Gabba Gabba Live tomorrow and could not be more excited; hopefully Bear will love it as much as he loves the TV show! I must admit, I love it a little, too.
Enjoy your Sunday! :)