To Santa or Not to Santa...

I think Bear says "not"...
Last weekend, we were driving around looking at lights and getting our "festive" on when we stumbled across a church choir singing beautiful Christmas songs beneath the most stunning, Whoville-like tree. Naturally, we had to stop and take in the perfect, Christmasy moment. As we made our way toward the music, we saw the sweetest Santa Claus taking pictures with kids as his elves jotted down each child's Christmas wishes. We couldn't resist; we're suckers for a good Santa. Even if Bear's first experience on the big guy's lap did go a little something like this.
The picture above was Bear's clear disproval of sitting on Santa a second time. No worries, he was snatched up five seconds after the picture was taken, given huge kisses by Mommy and Daddy, and handed a candy cane in which he went to town on. Santa Claus was very quickly forgotten.
I'm writing this post in an attempt to defend mommies and daddies, just like us, that end up with unhappy Santa baby pictures. I thought this was a completely normal thing, but since handing Bear over to Mr. Claus a couple times, I've heard several negative comments about making this choice.
"I just can't put my baby through that. It would break my heart".
"No way could I purposefully make my child cry. That's inhumane".
"Santa is just scary. No kid should have to get close to him".
Look, people. Bear is not a mistreated baby boy. Quite the opposite, in fact; he's showered with love, affection, and lots of playtime on a daily basis. No parent puts their child in Santa's lap hoping that he or she will have a meltdown. But, if a meltdown does occur, it's not the end of the world. Children are going to encounter lots worse than Santa Claus in their lifetime. And when that child is thirty years old, they'll get a kick out of their upset, pouty-lip Santa picture. Bet they won't remember that tragic moment, either.

Here's to Santas everywhere and the sweet babies that meet them; thank you for the memories! Bear will forgive you on Christmas morning :).
Ho ho ho! Meeerry Christmas!