A Little Friday Night Inspiration

We had a fun trip to Michael's tonight ("fun" said with slight sarcasm...imagine Bear running wild through the aisles with a glass vase and a glue gun) in which lots of projects were conjured up and unnecessary purchases were made.  

As we were about to leave, I stumbled across a stamp with this quote:

"It doesn't matter where you begin, just begin."

This spoke volumes to me tonight. There are so many times in this life when we put things off and say "I'll start that tomorrow". I'm not just talking housework or a school project, I'm talking goals and dreams and the wishes of our souls. On too many occasions we let our fears and self doubt keep us from doing the things we really desire to do. And when I stop and ask myself why? Why don't I do those things? It's because I fail to just begin. To say "go".

I want to take more spontaneous weekend roadtrips. I want to really learn to cook (more than a legit grilled ham & cheese). I want to write a novel. Seriously.

The first, and possibly toughest, step? Picking up a roadmap. Picking up a measuring cup. Picking up a pen. 

But I will do those things.
 Because once you start, it's only the beginning. Magic awaits.

Will you take the challenge on with me? Let's dare to do the things we dream of. The little things count, too.

Have a magical weekend, friends.