A Not-so-Official 13 Month Update

Ridin' in style at Wal Mart this afternoon. The toothbrush goes everywhere we go.
Christmas morning at Grandma Candy and Pops' house...tricycle and a toothbrush! What more could a little Bear need?
I have to admit I'm a little sad the monthly chalkboard updates are a thing of the past. At around 10 months I realized we'd be lucky to make it to the 12 month mark and I don't wanna push our luck. We're just lucky we got the first year documented via chalkboard! I still want to continue monthly updates, just without wrestling my child to sit still in a chair. 'Cause we all know that ain't fun for nobody.
Things Bear Likes:
-Running. He has the cutest little "run"; he has a hop in his step and is so fast! We play chase around the living room/kitchen (his favorite game) and I can barely keep up with him.
-Toothbrushes. See above.
-Toy cars. He doesn't fully get them yet, but he loves to push them around the coffee table and carry them from room to room.
- Being outside. Hurry up please, spring! This cold weather is for the birds, not the Bears.
-Nodding "yes". If you follow me on instagram, you've seen this in action. He can say "no" too, but surprisingly prefers nodding yes.
-Goldfish (the edible kind). These are a new favorite snack!
-People watching. The older Bear gets, the more alert he is; he loves watching other people while we're out running errands/shopping, especially other kids.
-Bath time. This is an obvious one, but it still deserves a mention because he enjoys it so much! His favorite bath toy is "Scuba Steve", a play scuba diver that has wind-up flippers (thanks, Peyton and Tiff!).
-Yo Gabba Gabba. Still Bear's favorite TV show, with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse pulling a close second.
-Grilled cheese sandwiches and mac 'n cheese. Basically anything with cheese.

Things Bear Dislikes:
-Veggies. We're working on this. Any helpful tips?

-Bedtime. This is a struggle every night...but once he's asleep, he's a great sleeper.
-Being held when he wants to walk. Mr. Independent!

I'm sure I could add dozens more to these lists, especially the "likes", but I start getting too emotional. Our baby is growing into a toddler right before our eyes and sitting down to document it is pretty rough on this sappy Momma. But, each stage truly does just get more and more fun!

Hope you all had a magical New Year's Eve! Happy 2014!