Our Favorite Etsy Shops

For the past 4 years, I have been an Etsy addict. It's a bit of a problem. But a really, really wonderful problem that I don't plan on fixing anytime soon.

Etsy was first a source for wedding finds, then a home décor mecca, and now a place for all things baby. We love finding new shops and scoring one of a kind, handmade items!

Some of our favorite shops are...

Pink Lemonade Party

This is our go-to party supply shop. They have so many fabulous things! Several of Bear's birthday party details came from here. We especially love these hand-stamped Valentine spoons.
Peyton's Lane

My good friend Tiffany is the owner and she is such a talented seamstress! Her creations are fresh, fun, and perfect for all the little ladies in your life. If you need a baby shower gift, head her way! We really love the Valentine's infinity scarves she's selling right now.

We are obsessed with moccasins around here. I love mine, Bear loves his, and Zach refuses to wear them but we're working on him. I longed for a pair of Freshly Picked moccs for Bear but could never bring myself to pay $60+ for something he's going to outgrow so quickly. When I stumbled upon Deerie, it was love at first mocc. Bear now has 3 pairs and we absolutely love them. Stylish, comfy, and perfect for all seasons.
She has also added adorable leggings, beanies, and scarves to her shop. So much cuteness! 
If you're in the market for a banner, this shop has you covered. So many pretty banners! We used several for our wedding and loved them.
Want a baby rocker tee without breaking the bank? This shop has so many cute ones for just $9.99! They have really stylish, affordable leggings, too.
And of course, we have to mention our own shop,
Logs 'n Lace.
Most items are posted on Facebook here before they ever make it to Etsy. We'd love it if you'd find and "like" our page!
I'm dying to know, what are some of your favorite Etsy shops? We're always on the hunt for new treasures!
Happy Tuesday!