Playroom Peek

I've wanted to do a full playroom post for awhile now but still haven't gotten around to taking "legit" photos. All the pictures below were taken via iPhone and you've likely already seen them on instagram (follow us @brittfullwood). But, we are so grateful to everyone that's contributed their time and talent to this room that we want to go ahead and do a preview post!

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with a navy and lime green color palette. It's become increasingly popular but that's not stopping us from going crazy with it. It's just so perfect for little boys (and girls with a pop of pink)!

Not sure why this picture is so grainy, but you can still see the adorable teepee that my Mom and Nana made; we LOVE it! Zach hung some lanterns from the top and we strung festive Christmas lights that will stay up year round. The toy chest doubles as a puppet theatre, and we scored it for $25 on Craigslist. 
The little chairs were painted just this afternoon by Z and I'm obsessed with them. Our good friend, Ann Allen, gave them to Bear and they're perfect for puppet shows!

My mother in law made these precious Pooh paintings and they really complete the room. These are some of our very favorite quotes and hope Bear will appreciate them one day, too :).

The rug came from Ikea and isn't too huge, which we like. It's perfect for a play or game room area. Bear hasn't figured out how to drive cars on it just yet but we have a feeling he'll go crazy with it soon.

Our little rascal has already figured out the whole puppet concept. No fooling Bear!
This picture was taken pre-painted chairs. 

Are you curious about the other half of the room?
That side, or corner really, is actually my little office. It's where all the Logs 'n Lace baby goods come to life! I promise to have a more detailed post in a few weeks.

Hope you are having an amazing weekend! Z's family is here and we're excited to meet up with and see everyone.
Sending big hugs and warm weather your way!