Rainy Day

Rainy days aren't always our favorite around here. Despite the relaxing vibes of cloudy skies, things aren't too relaxed in the Fullwood house with Bear man on the loose. It has rained solid since 10am this morning, so backyard & park playing weren't happening. We're used to getting out everyday for errands and play dates, but we refused to let the rain put a "damper" on our day today!
jumper/boots: Old Navy, bear hat: Gymboree (gift)

Peyton and Tiffany came over and the babies played till they dropped. They really are besties; they have so much fun together!

All that playing is hard work! And yes, the toothbrush is still hangin' around. :)

We're hoping for snow tonight; it would be Bear's first Houston snow! Actually, it'd be my first Houston snow, too. Fingers crossed that we get to build a snow-bear tomorrow!

Stay warm, friends!