16 Month Update & Our Daily Routine

It's hard for me to believe that this Little Man is 16 months old today. It just can't be possible! I have to admit, though, that every stage just gets more and more fun. Bear is such a good boy and we're blessed to have a very laid-back baby! Okay, okay, toddler. Still a baby to me. :)

Bear is now:

27 lbs. (87th percentile), 33 3/4 inches (97th percentile)...both taken at his 15 month check-up.

-Saying several words, including "bye bye", "momma", "dada", "ba" (ball), "duh" (duck), "na na na" (no no no), "choo choo", "knock knock", and "yeah". He can also make lots of animal noises... quacking for ducks, barking for dogs, growling like a lion.
-Loving books. We've started a new routine of reading a book every night after bath-time and Bear really loves it. We all curl up in our big living room chair and read; it's easily our favorite part of the day.
-Eating lots of food, but still not liking veggies. Grilled cheese sandwiches are also still his favorite!
-Sleeping 11 hours straight every night (usually from 9:30pm-8:30am) and taking a 3 hour nap (1pm-4pm) every afternoon. This is of course dependent on teething and other things, but he's pretty much been keeping this schedule consistently since we returned from Hawaii almost a month ago.
-In size 18-24 month clothing. Already some regular 24 month shirts.
-Sliding down the slide solo.
-Climbing up on the couch (and getting down!) all by himself.
-Blowing kisses.
-Touching his nose when you ask where it is.
-Running. Too fast for this worrisome Momma!
-Dancing anytime music is on...his newest move is to stay in one spot and spin in circles until he loses his balance and plops down.

 Our normal day varies, as we are active in a play group and have different activities scheduled throughout the week. Here's what a typical day often looks like for us!

-Wake up around 8:30 am. Watch cartoons in bed 'til 9. Bear is also still breastfeeding at this time, but only once in the morning.
-Get ready, play with toys, read books 'til 10.
 -Head out to a play date, usually at one of our friends' houses. If we don't have a play date, we'll go to the Children's Museum or to a park, weather permitting. This is Bear's time to have fun and burn off lots of energy!
-We leave around noon or a little later to grab lunch.
-Head home around 1-1:30...Bear almost always falls asleep on the way home.
-Nap for Bear until around 4pm... I get lots of work done during this time, return emails, watch Real Housewives, etc. :)
-After Bear wakes up, we play inside for a little bit. He'll also have a snack and lots of water (he always wakes up so thirsty!) during this time. If it's nice outside, we'll go in the backyard. He loooves it out there. We'll often walk down to the neighborhood park, too. Bear enjoys feeding the ducks and swinging.
-Zach gets home around 6:30pm, and we fix a quick supper. I'm not a huge cook (though I'm trying to be better!), so it's usually nothing fancy. Tonight the menu consists of bacon wrapped sirloin medallions, mashed potatoes, and broccoli. Bear will usually eat what we're eating (cut up into tiny pieces, of course). If he's not feeling our food, we'll give in and make him a grilled cheese or some pasta.
-After supper, we play with Bear and watch one TV show together. Usually it's The Voice or Suits. Bear likes to play during this time.
-8:45pm is bath-time for Bear. He usually stays in about 30 minutes because he loves the water!
-9:15, bath time's up and jammies are put on. We read a book together and Zach rocks Bear to sleep. We put him down about 9:30.
-Z and I watch a little more TV, visit about our days, and head to bed. I'm a night owl and typically stay up until midnight or 1 am. Can't help it!

Then I wake up and start another amazing day with my boys. I love these days of getting to be home with Bear; it truly is the most special time in my life.

Mommas with little ones... any tips on getting your baby/toddler to eat veggies? Would love any advice you may have!