Let's be (Instagram) Friends

Hi, friends!

The title of this post is a little misleading because I already consider everyone I've connected with in the blog world a friend. Each one of you has inspired, touched, and encouraged me on many occasions. For that, I owe you a huge "thank you". Y'all are the best!

One of my favorite ways of connecting with people, even more than blogging (hard to believe!), is through Instagram. I love the moment-to-moment, real life memories that Instagram captures. Plus, there are filters. Can we say addicting? There are already several of you that I follow, but lots more that I'd love to find. You can catch us at @brittfullwood!
Also, most of you know my sweet friend Whitney at Keeping up with the Cyperts. Together, she and I started an IG shop full of our gently used (and tons of brand new!) clothing, shoes, jewelry, etc. Follow along at @shopwhitandbrit.
Are you an Instagram addict, too? If so, which editing tools are your favorites? Mine is Afterlight. It works wonders!