Easy Summer Wreath

 It's been a week since Easter and I just noticed this morning that we still had our Easter egg wreath hanging on the front door. A quick trip to Michael's and $15 worth of supplies later, a summer "wreath" was born. Can you tell we're ready for lemonade stands, swim suits, & barbecues? 'Cause we are!
Simple. Easy. Sweet. Just the way I like a good craft.
As I said before, the supplies cost us $15 because we already had several things needed on hand. I thought it would be a little cheaper, actually, but the silk flowers weren't on sale like I thought. If you find some on sale or have a coupon, you could make this for even less! It also only took me about 10 minutes to make.
You'll need:
-large hanging chalkboard (this one was $5 at Michael's)
-lace or wide ribbon
-silk flowers (8-12 individual flowers)
-hot glue gun/glue
-tin shears

Start by measuring out your lace or ribbon to be a little longer than the already attached twine. Glue the lace/ribbon on both sides of the twine. Make sure it's nice and secure. This step isn't necessary, but it makes the sign a little prettier :).

Using the tin shears, cut each stem about halfway. Leave enough to lay flat on the back of the sign while gluing, about 3 inches from the flower.

Glue the flowers, one at a time, to the back of the sign using a good amount of hot glue. You'll need to bend the floral stems into a 90 degree angle before gluing so they lay flat on the back of the sign and still face forward on the front. Continuing doing this around the sign until all the major "gaps" are filled and to your own liking. I ended up using 9 flowers.

Write a summery message & ta da! You're all done! A fun, fresh way to greet all who enter.
I can't look at ours without singing "Night Moves". Which doesn't upset me at all.

 We're certainly not rushing spring because the past few weeks have been absolutely beautiful in Houston. I just looked so forward to summer every year as a child that I can't seem to shake that laid-back, vacation, late-night-s'mores anticipation. I'm also looking so forward to taking our little Bear to splash in the neighborhood pool!

Are you looking forward to summer, too? 2014 is flying by!
Hope you're having a great weekend!