What Did Bear Wear?

Our style has been pretty casual as the weather warms up in Houston, and we're not complaining. We love spring here in Spring! :)

I try to put Bear in outfits that will be comfy for playing outside, hats to protect his face from the sun, and shoes that can handle a little mud. He's all boy and I do LOTS of laundry. Wouldn't have it any other way!

A few looks from the past two weeks:
romper:Old Navy (gift from Grandma Candy), hat:Baby Gap, shoes:TOMS

hat:Janie & Jack, shirt:Carter's, suspenders:Target, shoes:Saltwater Sandals via Amazon, cut-offs:Crazy 8 (jeans that we chopped!)
And another look...minus the shoes, plus the chocolate cake.

shirt:Polo via Homegoods, shorts:Target

Local Cutie shirt:Carter's, cut-offs:Children's Place (chopped jeans), moccs:Deerie Handmade on Etsy, hat:Children's Place

shirt/hat:Janie & Jack, shorts:Polo via Homegoods, shoes:Target

And a couple Mommy & Mini styles!
on me: shirt:Anthro, jeans/shoes:Homegoods, necklace:Charming Charlie
on Bear: shirt:Joe Fresh for JC Penney, jeans:Levi's via Dillard's, belt purchased from a local vendor (wish I could remember the name! It has "Bear Clayton" stamped on the back)

Super casual caps & cut-offs!
My cut-offs are Lauren Conrad for Kohl's. On Bear: shirt/hat:Baby Gap
Does your style change as the weather warms up? Do you go for more casual looks, too? I find that when we can't layer, our style naturally gravitates toward casual cotton tees & denim shorts.

We spent a chunk of last night in the ER...Bear fell on a drill bit in the garage and sliced his hand up pretty good. Luckily they were able to glue shut the big cuts and he handled it like a little champ. Mommy & Daddy feel terrible but lesson learned...no man cave for Bear 'til he's much older!

Hope you're having a great week!