Why I'm Not Anti-Selfie

I'll admit, there was a time when I was anti-selfie. The people, mostly teenage girls, that flooded my Facebook feed with an out-stretched arm and duck-lips kind of turned me off to the whole idea. I vowed never to post something so self-righteous (gasp!) and stick with staying mostly behind the camera rather than in front of it. That is, after all, the safest place. Right?

As time went on and selfies began popping up everywhere, I started to actually enjoy seeing them. It was as if they each told a story; I could see something in the eyes of my friend or even a stranger that told me about where they've been and the courage they have. Yes, courage. Not shallowness, narcissism, or insecurity and a need for compliments as so many in society (myself previously included) falsely judge.

There really is beauty in the bravery of putting oneself out there. There's something really special in showing that despite your own flaws and imperfections, you love yourself enough to say, "Hello, world. This is me today."

We have no idea what triggers each person's desire to take a personal head shot. Maybe Susie took a selfie because she just made an A in a class she thought she was going to fail. Maybe Marsha took a selfie because the guy bagging her groceries told her she was pretty and she hadn't heard those words in over a year. Maybe Brittany took a selfie because she fixed her hair for the first time in two weeks (new mom problems. go ahead and judge).
Whatever the reason, I applaud those willing to show the world their face from the front seat of their car, in the bathroom mirror, or wherever they so desire. Because people are beautiful and so are their stories.
 Chubby baby cheeks in a selfie? Even better.

Bear is unimpressed with selfies. Mickey Mouse is more important.
What is your take on Oxford's Word of the Year for 2013? Yes, it was selfie.

Yay? Nay? In moderation (a selfie a day turns people away)? Would love to hear your opinion!