Zach's Bday & an Easy DIY Banner

Zach's birthday was Monday and Bear & I tried to make it special in the most low key way possible (per Z's request). He's one of those crazies that doesn't tell a soul at work it's his birthday. Just goes through the entire work day like it's a normal day. Who does that? (I'm one of those crazies that tells everyone it's my birthday)
We celebrated on Sunday with Zach's brother and his family at their community pool. It was so fun! Zach requested a peanut butter rice krispie cake, so that's what he got.

On Monday, Zach came home to crowns, gifts, & a Southern-style home cooked meal. It was a pretty sweet day. We are so lucky to have this man in our lives!

Now for the banner. I'm kind of addicted to hanging banners from our mantel; I jump at the chance to come up with a silly, random theme for decorating.
We have a small basket in our laundry room that collects single socks; does anyone else's dryer eat socks? Anyway, somehow this idea popped into my head (no Pinterest for once!) and we rolled with it. Zach is, after all, one of a kind. And we finally put those lonely, lost-their-match socks to use!
No how-to necessary, just take some jute twine and clothes pins to hang the socks. Then print off a fun saying including "You're one of a kind" and clip it up in the center. Easy peasy!

Happy Hump Day! I'll be back tomorrow with a fun giveaway!